The Future of Global Media

Campus Joensuu

Dates: 21-25 August 2017
Credits: 2 ECTS (5 ECTS together with the course The Schools of Tomorrow - Global Education Sauna)
Teaching language: English
Level: Master
Max. number of attendees: Not limited

Coordinator: Tuomas Jarvenpaa, tuomas.jarvenpaa(at)
Responsible department: School of Humanities
Learning outcomes: The student will get a grand tour of our media future and an exploration of global media and entertainment from an insider’s perspective.


Detailed course programme

Presentations by and discussions with teacher and classmates of a wide spectrum of cutting-edge information and reports from global experts on the latest developments in, and future of, global media. The topics discussed will be what will be the future of global media: smartphones, social media, TV, print, motion pictures and digital media. What are the hottest trends and biggest unknowns? Students are also encouraged to share their ideas on where global media will go.

Teaching methods:  Emphasis on classroom discussion and inquiry, with reading assignments suggested by teacher. There will be a thought-provoking, interactive discussion of the future of global education, in a relaxed, “sauna-like” classroom atmosphere.

Evaluation:  Attendance at classroom seminars/discussions is compulsory. Evaluation will be based on student’s participation in class and performance on a learning assignment. The assignment will be for the student to identify and describe (with a brief written and oral presentation) a major trend that will possibly affect the future of global media.

Teacher: William Doyle, 2015-16 Fulbright Scholar from the United States, bestselling author and award-winning producer for U.S. TV networks HBO, A&E and PBS