Social Programme in Joensuu


Monday 14.8. at 17:00/5 p.m.

Guided bus tour in the city of Joensuu, followed by a dinner buffet offered by UEF. Meeting place for the bus tour: The city tour starts in front of Carelia building. If you are joining to the bus tour, the bus takes you directly to the buffet dinner. The place and address for the dinner: Restaurant Puisto, Joensuu Science Park (Tiedepuisto), Länsikatu 15, Building 3 A. The buffet is served starting at 19:00/7 p.m.

Wednesday 16.8. at 18:00/6 p.m.

Sauna evening. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a very traditional sauna bath and swimming in the middle of the lake surrounded by the Finnish nature. The towels are provided but please bring your own swimming suit, shampoo, shower gel etc. UEF will also offer some snacks and soft drinks. Meeting place: There is a short walk 15-20 minutes from the campus. We will meet at 17.45 in front of Carelia building. The place and address: Vainoniemen huvila, Vainoniementie 3

                Useful tips for sauna at

Friday 18.8. at 19:00/7 p.m. (please arrive at 18:45 to select your shoes and bowling balls)

Bowling and billiards at the city center, Cosmic. 1-2 hours bowling per student, but feel free to hang around longer. There are lots of bars and night clubs in the center if you want to continue your night afterwards. Meeting place and address: Cosmic, Shopping Centre Metropol, 2nd floor

Saturday 19.8. at 10:00/10 a.m. – 17:00/5 p.m.

Daytrip to Koli national park. UEF organizes the bus transportation, travel time is 1 hour from Joensuu. There will be a guided tour and also some coffee and snacks on camp fire. These are offered by UEF. There is a possibility for hiking and having lunch. Please remember to bring shoes that are good for hiking or walking in the forest. Read more about Koli at and There will be a fee of 20 euros for participating the trip. The fee will be collected on the bus.

Meeting place: the bus will depart from “Matkailupysäkki” bus stop at the city centre. See the map of bus stops at the city centre:

Joensuun tori = market square
Matkailupysäkki = tourist/charter bus stop

Tuesday 22.8. at 18:00/6 p.m.

Baking Finnish delicacies. You will learn how to bake the Finnish traditional “pulla” (bun) and “mustikkapiirakka” (pie covered with blueberries/bilberries). August is traditionally time for picking up berries from the forest in Finland, and the berries will be freshly picked. Meeting place and address: Martha centre (Pohjois-Karjalan martat), Koskikatu 5-7 (in the Carelicum building). Read more about the Finnish Martha organization at

Friday 25.8. at 19:00/7 p.m.

Farewell dinner. UEF will offer you a dinner in the center of Joensuu at Kerubi. Meeting place and address: Restaurant Kerubi, Siltakatu 1 (Ilosaari)