Smartups in Health

Campus Kuopio

Dates: 14-25 August 2017
Credits: 5 ECTS
Teaching language: English
Level: Bachelor, Master, Doctoral
Max. number of attendees: Not limited

Coordinator: Dr. Ville-Veikko Piispanen, ville-veikko.piispanen(at)
Responsible department: Business School
Learning outcomes: Knowledge related:The participants engage in open, collaborative and user-led innovation processes for the purpose of generating new health-related ideas that can be turned into successful startups. The course has a specific emphasis on sustainable business ventures and social enterprises that are called ‘smartups’. The collaborative and action-based learning methods empower participants to experiment with novel ideas and take fast action for testing these in real-life practice during the course.

Skills related: The student learns the basic knowledge about health innovation, sustainability, team building and start up finance, creating entrepreneurial mind-sets through peer-to-peer and bench learning with hands-on work in small smartup teams facilitated by professional course instructors. Students also learn pitching new ideas to health professionals, innovation enthusiasts and finance experts, rapid prototyping of new health-related products, services and processes and developing sustainable business models based on the circularity of resources.


New and improved health products and services, start-up development processes, sustainability and circular economy.

Study Materials: 1) Articles 2) Videos 3) Other materials (will be announced in class).
Study Modes: Collaborative project work.
Teaching Methods: Class meetings 80 h, individual and group work 82 h.
Evaluation/Grading: 0-5. 
Dr. Ville-Veikko Piispanen,
Professor Päivi Eriksson,
Professor Mervi Niskanen,
University teacher Markus Mättö,
Researcher Outi-Maaria Palo-oja,
Dr. Tero Montonen,