Food Law and Policy

Campus Joensuu

Dates: 14-25 August 2017
Credits: 5 ECTS
Teaching language: English
Level: Master, Doctoral, experts in the fields of food law and policy
Max. number of attendees: 30 students

Coordinator: Husen Tura, husen.tura(at)
Responsible department: UEF Law School
Learning outcomes: The student will learn how society regulates food. The student will learn how the interplay of policies is not restricted to traditional food security issues, but cover regulatory and policy issues from food safety, global food chains, sustainable food production, public health and nutrition, food development and food security. The student will get an overview of the basic concepts and conflicting structures of various food-related fields of law through an inter-disciplinary approach. The student will acquire skills to evaluate food policy reporting in a legal context and improved legal argumentation skills.


The course works from the idea of aligning food policies in an effort to improve food security worldwide. Finnish and international experts in fields of food security, food safety and nutrition, animal law, international trade, IPRs cover the foundations of food law as a legal discipline through the lens of contemporary scholarship on food law and policy issues. The course includes industry representatives and visits.
Modes of Study: This course is available as an intensive 2 week course 14.-25.8.2017 and is primarily designed for Finnish and foreign Master level students. It is also suitable for experts working in institutions applying food law or making food policy as well as doctoral students in related fields. Attendance and completion of course work on-site in Joensuu is required. The course consists of expert lectures/workshops, study visits, and writing a learning diary.

Study materials: The lectures and course material (articles, reports and official documents) shared on Moodle.

Selected students will receive detailed information, when selected for participation.

List of speakers, see short bios of the speakers here:

Katja Lindroos, Professor, Law School, University of Eastern Finland
Adam Soliman, Director, The Fisheries Law Centre, Vancouver, Canada
Daud Hassan, Associate Professor, Centre for Ocean Governance, University of Western Sydney, Australia
Ram Saranavamuttu, World Food Programme Representative and Country Director, Kyrgyz Republic
Sampsa Heinonen, Senior Inspector, Finnish Food Safety Authority
Dr. Tuija Mononen, Senior Researcher, Department of Historical and Geographical Studies, University of Eastern Finland
Dr. Tarja Koskela, UEF Law School, University of Eastern Finland
Husen Tura, Doctoral Candidate, Law School, University of Eastern Finland
Roseanna Avento, Doctoral Candidate, Department of Historical and Geographical Studies, University of Eastern Finland.