Food Law and Policy

Campus Joensuu

Duration and credits: two weeks, 5 ECTS
Teaching language: English
Level: Master, Doctoral
Maximum number of attendees:
Course coordinator: to be announced
Responsible department: UEF Law School
Learning outcomes: The student will learn how society regulates food. The student will learn how the interplay of policies is not restricted to traditional food security issues, but cover regulatory and policy issues from food safety, global food chains, sustainable food production, public health and nutrition, food development and food security. The student will get an overview of the basic concepts and con-flicting structures of various food-related fields of law through an inter-disciplinary approach. The stu-dent will acquire skills to evaluate food policy reporting in a legal context and improved legal argumen-tation skills.


The course works from the idea of aligning food policies in an effort to improve food securi-ty worldwide. Finnish and international experts in fields of food security, food safety and nutrition, animal law, international trade, IPRs cover the foundations of food law as a legal discipline through the lens of contemporary scholarship on food law and policy issues. The course includes industry repre-sentatives and visits.
Modes of study: to be announced
Study materials: to be announced
Evaluation criteria: to be announced
Teachers: to be announced