Finnish Education and Society

Time: 10-21 August 2020

Campus: Joensuu

Duration and credits: 2 weeks, 5 ECTS
Teaching Language: English
Level: Master (and Bachelor)
Max. number of attendees: to be announced
Course coordinator: Juha Kauppila,
Responsible department: School of Educational Sciences and Psychology
Learning outcomes: 

After the course student:

  • has knowledge of basic research frameworks and concepts of social scientific research and the sociology of education
  • knows the societal functions of education, and is able to reflect on individual and social meanings of education  
  • knows the central theoretical traditions in the social sciences of education
  • has progressed in critical thinking skills

Content: The nature, key theories and concepts of social scientific research of education. The social functions of education. Diversity of learners. The meaning and significance of education for different age groups in the Finnish society.
Modes of study:

  • Pre-tasks and familiarizing with course literature in the course Moodle before Summer School. Pre-tasks and instructions for completing the course will be announced in June 2020.
  • Seminar meetings with individual and/or group activities.
  • Assignments in Moodle
  • The Moodle platform is central for completing the course: there students will find all the course literature, instructions and submit their assignments.
  • Course Schedule will be announced in June 2020.

Teaching methods: Lectures and seminar meetings, self-studying literature, in-class activities, assignments in Moodle
Study materials: Students are provided with pre-reads and pre-tasks in June. Majority of the study material will be either Open Access or accessibility will be guaranteed by other means.

Evaluation criteria: Seminars: pass/fail. learning tasks 0-5
Teacher: Juha Kauppila (UEF)