Encounters of Eastern and Western Churches in the North

Time: 12-23 August 2019

Campus: Joensuu

Duration and credits: 2 weeks, 5 ECTS
Teaching language: English
Level: Master and Bachelor
Max. number of attendees: 30
Course coordinator: Maria Takala-Roszczenko, maria.takala@uef.fi
Responsible department: School of Theology
Learning outcomes: After completing the course, the student

  • has acquired tools for inter-confessional dialogue
  • distinguishes different aspects of theological thinking, education, research, and practice in the Lutheran and the Orthodox church traditions
  • is aware of the historical and contemporary relationship between the Lutheran and the Orthodox Church in Finland
  • recognizes the challenges to ecumenical coexistence in Finnish context and, on their basis, is able to re-flect upon the situation in his/her own community
  • has gained experience in portfolio work and the use of digital learning applications and the web envi-ronment


The curriculum focuses on the historical and contemporary encounters between the Lutheran and the Orthodox Churches in Finland. The Finnish experience, in the light of confrontations of the past and the challenges of today, offers conceptual and practical insights for ecumenical coexistence worldwide. Topics include:

  • Two National Churches in European Periphery
  • Lutheran Church: Change and Challenge
  • Liturgy in Practice (Lutheran Mass, Orthodox Divine Liturgy)
  • Ecumenism Today: Dialogues, Challenges
  • Mixed Marriages: Daily Ecumenism
  • Religious Education and Diversity in (Finnish) Schools
  • Challenges of Coexistence: Hate Speech (Anti-Semitism in Finland and the Baltic States after 1991)
  • Churches in the Media

Modes of study: Lectures (38 hours), independent study (97 h).
Before arrival (2 weeks): preliminary, web-based assignments (Moodle environment)
During the summer school: lectures, workshops, church visits, individual and group assignments; web-based portfolio
After departure: completing the portfolio of assignments, self-assessment, feedback
Study materials: All materials will be distributed in the Moodle environment and during lectures.
Evaluation criteria: Active participation in the lectures and workshops (pass / fail), individual and group as-signments, portfolio (0–5)
Teachers: to be announced later