Records Management and Registry Services

The University of Eastern Finland is an former of archives referred to in the Archives Act (1994/831). The task of the university's Records Management and Registry Services is to guide, develop and supervise the written documents created as a result of the university's activities all the way from drafting to archiving and disposal.

At the University of Eastern Finland, Records Management and Registry Services can be found under General Administration and Legal Affairs at University Services, and the unit's activities are supervised by the university's General Counsel and Director. The Registry Offices on the Joensuu and Kuopio Campuses are home to six experts of records management and archives (please see contact information). The faculties and independent institutes also have staff members tasked with duties relating to records management and archives.


  • University Registry Office
  • Information service in relation to registered documents
  • Central archives
  • Archive formation plan
  • Administration of electronic records management system
  • Development activities in relation to records management and archives