Library management

The University of Eastern Finland Library is a service centre which works in close cooperation with the university's faculties and university services. The different units of the University of Eastern Finland Library are Joensuu Campus Library, Kuopio Campus Library and Kuopio University Hospital Medical Library.

According to the university's administrative regulations, the tasks of the library are:

1. to be responsible for the development and administration of the university's library and information services;

2. to offer library and information services and to organise teaching and guidance, which promote efficient use of the information sources;

3. to operate as a scientific library open to the public and to be responsible of library tasks specified by legislation;

4. to promote the availability of information resources by being actively involved in the scientific library network;

5. to improve and develop the university's publishing activities and its task-related open science services.

The library's main functions are:

to support teaching and learning

and to support research and publishing.


The services supporting these functions are:

1. the library's customer services

2.  the library’s training and information services

3. the library's collection services

4. library IT and publishing services

5. the library's internal services.