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Starting to use RefWorks (Legacy version)

First you should create username and password in the RefWorks database. Your first login should be done from inside the UEF or KUH network. If you have to make your first login from outside these networks, please contact Heikki Laitinen (Kuopio Campus) or Tomi Rosti (Joensuu Campus) for more detailed instructions. After the first login, you will be able to access RefWorks from any computer with an Internet connection and browser.


1) Go to http://www.refworks.com/refworks

2) Click the link "Sign Up for a New Account".

3) Fill out the form and click the "Create Account" button. You will get an email confirmation of a successful login. Save the email, because you may need the information later.

Your username and password are personal to you and you may not disclose them to a third party.

Figure 1. RefWorks login page.


For further information, please contact Heikki Laitinen (Kuopio Campus) or Tomi Rosti (Joensuu Campus).