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RefWorks (Legacy version)

The Legacy RefWorks is available at least until the end of 2018. You may use the new version. Please see instructions below.

RefWorks is an online, browser based reference management software.  You can import your search results from UEF-Finna, Scopus, Web of Science, PubMed and other important databases directly into RefWorks. It is also possible to enter references manually. In RefWorks, you can view the availability information of full text articles corresponding to each reference in the online and printed journals of the University of Eastern Finland Library by clicking the  button.

References added in the RefWorks can be searched and printed out normally. You can also insert references in a manuscript you are preparing and then print out your finished text with citations and bibliography in several styles requested by academic journals' instructions to authors. MS Word program is needed for reference insertion and bibliography management. You may use Write-N-Cite 4 add-in to make this process easier.

In other words, RefWorks works similarly to the traditional EndNote, Reference Manager and other corresponding programs. An advantage of RefWorks is that it can be used from anywhere as long as you have access to the Internet and a browser. The University of Eastern Finland Library has acquired a campus licence of RefWorks for students and staff. The licence allows you to use RefWorks even after your studies or employment in the University of Eastern Finland have ended, as long as the University of Eastern Finland Library has a valid subscription to RefWorks. Use for commercial and business purposes is prohibited.

Guides (Legacy RefWorks):

For further information, please contact Heikki Laitinen (Kuopio Campus) or Tomi Rosti (Joensuu Campus).

If you start to use Legacy RefWorks from outside the UEF or KUH networks, please contact Heikki Laitinen (Kuopio Campus) or Tomi Rosti (Joensuu Campus) for more detailed instructions.

New RefWorks

New RefWorks is easier to use and more streamlined than the Legacy version. You can start using the new RefWorks as follows:

  • Go to the new RefWorks login page at: https://refworks.proquest.com/. We recommend Firefox browser.
  • Click "Create account."
  • Enter your UEF or KUH (KYS) e-mail address (ending with student.uef.fi, uef.fi or kuh.fi). This e-mail address is your new RefWorks username.
  • Click "Check."
  • Enter a password of your choice for RefWorks. It is not necessary to enter your UEF or KUH e-mail password. We advise to use different password for information security reasons.
  • Login to your UEF or KUH e-mail, open message from RefWorks and finish the account creation by clicking a link in the message.

Please take the following issues into account when using new RefWorks:

  • Scandinavian characters (ä, ö, å) are left out for the moment when importing search results to RefWorks. Add missing characters manually. To do this, open reference metadata in RefWorks by clicking the reference. Then click pen icon in the top right corner of the metadata window. Add the missing characters to the appropriate metadata fields. Click Save in the top of the metadata window. You may edit also other parts of the metadata this way, if necessary.
  • Duplicate detection is not working correctly for the moment. Correction is scheduled for the second half of 2017. 
  • If you already have an Legacy RefWorks account, you may import its content (references, folders, own citation styles) into new RefWorks easily. Log on to your new RefWorks account. Click plus sign on top of the screen and select Import references. When you see text "Import from another reference manager", click RefWorks. Then click Authorize, log on to your Legacy RefWorks account and wait until the import is finished. Your Legacy RefWorks account remains unchanged.
  • You can use either the new RefWorks or the Legacy RefWorks to manipulate citations in one and the same document, not both versions.

Guides (New RefWorks):



login to refworks
(legacy version)

login to refworks
(new version)

For more information

Information Specialist
Heikki Laitinen
tel. 0294 45 8191

Information Specialist
Tomi Rosti
tel. 0294 45 8303


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