You can make an acquisition request for a book, journal or database that is not yet in the collections of the University of Eastern Finland Library.

The UEF Library will make the decision whether or not the material will be acquired. Factors that will affect on the decision making are, e.g. the material’s

  • availability
  • price
  • terms and conditions
  • estimated number of users

We acquire materials and resources by perpetual purchases as well as by subscriptions. When it is possible, all materials are acquired in the electronic form.

Library’s acquisition services are free of charge for the library users. Materials that are acquired to the university’s departments or KUH’s clinics must be paid by the departments/clinics. 


You can make requests with the acquisition request forms. At the latest, the requests will be taken up on the third working day of their arrival. You can choose to be notified if the library decides not to acquire the requested material. Course book acquisition request lists from the departments will be processed according to a separately agreed timetable.

The format and availability of the material determines how quickly it will be at your disposal. The subscription to journals and databases usually starts in the beginning of the year.

From the UEF Finna you can see the materials that have been acquired to our library. With the same form that you are filling in to make the acquisition request, you can also reserve the book or request a notification when the electronic resource is accessible. Staff members have the right to reserve the book they have requested for an extended loan period of 4 months.  

If you are a staff member of UEF or KUH, you can make e-resource acquisition requests also on Ebsco’s e-resource acquisition platform (EBSCOHost Collection Manager). In the service you can browse e-books before making the acquisition request.

Keep in mind the library’s terms of use  and the terms of use for electronic resources when you dive into the library’s collections.



Information specialist (e-resources)
Kaarina Meriläinen

Information specialist (books)
Mikko Meriläinen

Information specialist (journals)
Harri Parviainen

kys.hankinnat[at] (KUH Medical Library)



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