UEF Doctoral School studies by library 2017–2018

UEF Library provides graduate students a course that comprehensible focuses on research-related information retrieval, publishing, research data management, along with research visibility and impact.


The course consists of seven modules: 1) information retrieval basics, 2) discipline-specific information retrieval, 3) reference management, 4) publishing, 5) research impact assessment and bibliometrics, 6) research data, 7) researcher visibility, networking and altmetrics.

A student needs to choose a minimum of four of the presented modules, but more or all of them can be completed, if wanted. Some modules can be completed completely remotely online.

You can find a more accurate course description, instructions and registration in Weboodi.

The course is open for the whole semester, but some of the teaching is limited to certain times.

Course materials are in English, but in contact teaching, it is possible to participate in groups that are in Finnish. The course assignments can also be completed in Finnish.

Study material is freely available online.


This course is introduced as a new course in the 2017–2018 semester and it replaces the former course Information skills and sources for postgraduate students.


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