Requesting books from the National Repository Library

  • You can place requests in the UEF Finna on books which are available for loan at the National Repository Library. Books which are out on loan can be requested via the Interlibrary Loan Service.

  • Reservation fee is 1,00€/book, applies to staff members as well.

  • Reserved items must be collected within four working days of the notification. If you do not collect the reserved item, a fee of 1,00€/book will be added to your records, including the staff members.

  • You can renew the loan up to 10 times in the UEF Finna.

  • No overdue fees are collected from the National Repository Library's books.

  • You can compensate for a lost or damaged National Repository Library's book in two different ways:

    • By replacing it with an equivalent book (the same edition as the lost or damaged book).

    • By paying the book's acquisition price + processing costs of 50,00€.

Article requests from the National Repository Library

  • You can request articles from the journals at the National Repository Library through the UEF Finna.

  • The service is free of charge for the UEF students and UEF and KUH staff members, other library users can order chargeable articles via the interlibrary loan service.

  • The National Repository Library will send the article to your email address as an attached file.

Check the video: How to make an article request?