Overdue fees

List of service fees

  • Pay the fees online or at the customer service desk.

  • At the campus libraries you can pay in cash or with debit/credit card. At the KUH Medical Library you can only pay in cash.

  • Overdue fee of 0,50€/book/workday starts to accrue immediately after the due date, max. of 10,00€/book.

  • Overdue fees will not be collected from the staff members. However, if the books are more than 28 days overdue a loan block will become effective and the fee of 10,00€ will be charged for the restoration of borrowing rights.

  • The first overdue notification will be sent on the following working day after the due date and the second overdue notification will be sent 14 days after the due date.

  • The library sends a courtesy notice of an upcoming due date. You must always monitor the due dates of your loans. Because even if you do not receive the courtesy notification, or if there is some internet downtime or technical faults, you still must pay the overdue fees.

  • A loan block will become effective after 28 days of the due date, or if your fees amount to 10,00€ or more.

  • The library will invoice unreturned loans and unpaid fees. Unpaid invoices will be transferred to debt collection agency.

Compensation for lost or damaged books

  • You can compensate for lost or damaged books in three different ways:

    • By replacing it with the same or newer edition and by paying the processing costs of 5,00€.

    • By paying 60,00€ + acquisition and processing costs of 10,00€.

    • The library invoices 70,00€ + processing costs of 11,00€ + invoicing fee of 5,00€.

  • Books that are more expensive than 60,00€ will be compensated with the sum equivalent to the actual acquisition price.