There are many opportunities for exercise and sports as well as watching sports in Joensuu, Kuopio and Savonlinna. Sporting venues such as sports hall, swimming beaches, jogging/skiing tracks and nature trails are particularly well-suited to outdoor activities.  



  • Basketball matches - Joensuu is known for its basketball club Kataja, which plays in the Finnish first-tier league Korisliiga
  • Bowling, Viihdekeskus Cosmic, Torikatu 41
  • Swimming pools (uimahalli)
    • Vesikko, Yliopistokatu
    • Rantakylä swimming pool, Pataluodonkatu 2
    • Kuntohovi swimming pool, Nepenmäenkatu 2
    • Ice-swimming, Mäntyniementie 1
  • Sport Halls
    • Joensuun Palloilukeidas,  Linnunlahdentie 10, offers bowling, tennis, squash, badminton, indoor climbing, table tennis, mini-golf, billiards and golf simulator
    • Joensuu Arena. Mehtimäenaukio 2, suited for football, Finnish baseball, athletics, climbing and many indoor sports
  • Fishing - Fishing licences for the rapids of the River Pielisjoki are available at the Hotelli Kimmel (Itäranta 1), Joensuun Kalastustaito (Kauppakatu 28), Carelicum (Koskikatu 5), Jokierä Joensuu/Hasaniemi (Länsiviitta 2).  However, no fishing licenses are needed for ice fishing or angling. Further information on Everyman's Rights and fishing licence system in Finland.
  • Hiking -  information on national parks and hiking destinations
  • Horse Riding
  • Fitness Clubs and Gyms
    • Aurora Gym at the University
    • BB-Gym, Yliopistokatu 41
    • Itä-Suomen Liikuntaopisto (ISLO), Kalevankatu 8
    • Fitness & Aerobic Club, Teollisuuskatu 1
    • Kunto- ja liikuntakeskus Viilinki, address Ranta-Mutalantie 100
    • Naisten kuntokoulu, Kirkkokatu 27, for women only
    • Lady Line, Address Torikatu 21 C,  for women only
    • Kuntokeskus Forever, Address Kaislakatu 4, tel.
  • Ice-skating - Outdoor ice-skating rinks can be found near schools around the town in wintertime. Skates can be purchased at sports shops, department stores or flea markets.
  • Skiing - There are many publicly maintained cross country skiing tracks in Joensuu, e.g. Repokallio and Niinivaara
  • Downhill skiing - Mustavaara and Koli  are skiing centres near Joensuu.


  • Bowling alley
    • Keilahalli, Keilakuja 3
    • Rauhalahti Bowling, Kartanonkatu 11
    • Bowl diner, Ajurinkatu 16
  • Cross-country skiing - Hundreds of kilometres of machine-prepared tracks through beautiful winter landscapes, that is a dream come true for skiers. Puijo is the best-known cross-country ski area in Kuopio with its 40 kilometres of largely illuminated tracks for both recreational and competitive use.
  • Downhill skiing - Antikkala slopes, Kallantie; Kasurila Ski Centre (20 kilometres from Kuopio) and Tahko Ski Centre (65 kilometres from Kuopio)
  • Hiking - information on national parks and hiking destinations
  • Fitness Clubs and Gyms
    • Studentia Gym at the University
    • Gyms maintained by the city of Kuopio
    • Kuntokeskus Pyramidi, Oppipojankuja 3
    • Ladyline, Puijonkatu 27
    • Hyvinvointikeskus Hytke, Maaherrankatu 21
    • Fysioline Fressi, Kauppakatu 33
    • Kuopio Halli, Opistotie 4
    • Gym at the Swimming hall, Hannes Kolehmaisen katu 4
  • Fishing- Free-fishing areas are located at Iso Valkeinen (the Päiväranta side), Maljalampi, Rahusenlampi, Pitkälampi, Sammakkolampi, Leväsenlampi, Pieni-Neulalampi, Pieni-Valkeinen in Päiväranta, Litmasenlampi and Valkeinen in the centre. Angling, ice fishing, artificial lure fishing and fishing with fish trap do not require a fishing licence issued by the city. Using equipment than the above is not allowed. Further information on Everyman's Right in Finland.
  • Ice-skating- Outdoor ice-skating rinks can be found near schools around the town in wintertime. Skates can be purchased at sports shops, department stores or flea markets. You can skate on the lake Kallavesi in January/February and even take part in the Ice Marathon. Ice stadium: Hannes Kolehmaisen katu 4 and Petosentie 8
  • Ice-hockey matches: KalPa is a traditional hockey team from Kuopio playing in the Finnish National Hockey League
  • Horse Riding
    • Rauhalahden ratsastuskoulu , Kartanonkatu 22
    • Savisaaren Ratsastuskeskus, Savisaari
    • Peikkometsän Ratsastuskoulu, Rautaniementie 25
  • Kuopio Sports hall (Kuopio halli) with football field, running track, gym etc., Opistotie 4
  • Swimming pool (Uimahalli)
    • Kuopio swimming pool: Hannes Kolehmaisenkatu 3
    • Lippumäki swimming pool. Petosentie 8
    • Rauhalahti Spa, Katiskaniementie 8
  • Renting of cross-country skiing, snowshoes and ledges, SpaHotel Rauhalahti, Katiskaniementie 8
  • Renting of ice-skates, During best ice-skating season (around January-March) skating cafe in the Kuopio passenger harbour (on board of M/S Queen R).


  • Cross country skiing: Skiers are treated to an extensive network of groomed trails through beautiful undulating terrain and on frozen lakes. All together to total length of the trails rise up to 900 km and lean-to shelters, teepees and skicabins can be found en route
  • Bowling Alley, Olavinkatu 15
  • Downhill skiing, Ruunarinteet, Viittaantie 141
  • Hiking - information on national parks and hiking destinations
  • Fishing´- There are plenty of excellent fishing grounds in Lake Saimaa for both advanced fishermen and beginners. You can catch freshwater trout, sander, perch and pike, for instance. You will need a fishing licence for lure fishing and trolling, but fishing with a hook and line is an everyman's right. Further information on Everyman's Right
  • Fitness clubs and Gyms
    • Gym at the Swimming Hall, Uimahallinkatu 2
    • Gym42, Pappilankatu 3
    • Ladyline, Kirkkolahdenkatu 4-6
  • Horse Riding
    • Sarin Talli, Ratsutie 6
    • Paunolanmäen talli, Laakkolantie 273
  • Ice-skating, outdoor ice-skating rinks can be found near schools around the town in wintertime. Skates can be purchased at sports shops, department stores or flea markets.
  • Swimming
    • Pikku Saimaa, Uimahallinkatu 2
    • SpaHotel Casino, Kylpylaitoksentie 7