Salary system

In the salary system of the Finnish universities, the salary of an employee is composed of a job requirement component and a personal performance component. The salary system of the Finnish universities comprises two separate evaluation systems: an evaluation system for the teaching and research staff, and an evaluation system for the other staff (administrative and auxiliary staff). Based on a set of pre-defined criteria, the employer decides which of the systems is applied to an employee.

The salary system of the Finnish universities is applied to an employee when the employee's contract of employment is made for a period exceeding six months. In addition, the university has an evaluation system for the teaching staff at the teacher trainings schools.

Job requirement level and personal performance component

The collective agreement for universities defines the main criteria used in determining the job requirement level of a post, and the collective agreement also includes the job requirement level charts and the corresponding salary charts.

In the evaluation system for the teaching and research staff, there are a total of 11 job requirement levels, ranging from 1 to 11. In the evaluation system for the administrative and auxiliary staff, there are a total of 14 job requirement levels, ranging from 2 to 15.

Furthermore, the collective agreement also defines the criteria for assessing the personal performance of employees, and it includes the salary charts relating to the personal performance component. The personal performance component may constitute a maximum of 46.3% of the job requirement component.

How job requirement and personal Performance  levels are defined?

A representative of the employer defines a preliminary job requirement level and a preliminary personal performance level at the time of recruitment. The salary of a new employee is paid in accordance with the preliminary levels until the description of the post and its requirement level have been discussed by the university's evaluation committee and the employer has confirmed the job requirement and personal performance levels. The job demand level and the personal performance level must be assessed and confirmed within six months after the start of employment.

The job requirement must be reassessed if a supervisor considers that the duties have changed to the extent that a reassessment is necessary in order to determine whether the requirement level must be changed. The University of Eastern Finland has defined for the teaching and research staff the specified criteria of advancing from one job requirement level to the next. Based on this criteria the assessment process can be started when the requirements for the next requirement level has been met.

Personal performance assessment - every two years or when the job requirement level changes

The personal performance assessments are conducted for the entire university every two years. The performance level are also be reassessed if the job requirement level changes. The assessment must be conducted within six months.

The employee starts the assessment process by sending an assessment form to his/her supervisor. This can be done in the HRM System which is an electronic tool used to carry out personal performance and job demands assessments within the framework of the Universities' Salary System (YPJ).

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