Occupational Health Care

Occupational health care for the University of Eastern Finland is provided by Terveystalo Ltd. Occupational health services are available for those members of staff who work at least 14 hours weekly and whose salary is paid by the University of Eastern Finland.

Occupational health services are not available for those who work on a grant, hourly paid teachers and fee recipients. Please note that dental and ophthalmic health care are not included in the occupational health care.  

Exposure to chemicals

All members of staff whose duties involve exposure to chemicals or extreme conditions should book an appointment with an occupational health care nurse at the beginning of the employment relationship. Exposed workers include laboratory staff and researchers, and other staff working with laboratory animals and who come into contact with the following exposure agents:

  • organic solvents
  • carcinogens
  • teratogens
  • general anaesthetics
  • laboratory animal allergens
  • human samples
  • biological or radioactive materials

Appointments for pre-employment medical examination are made by calling the national booking number. A new employee himself/herself makes the appointment with the occupational nurse by calling 030 6000. You should mention that you are making an appointment for pre-employment or initial medical examination.

Further information

Further information on occupational health care can be found in the UEF intranet at: http://www.uef.fi/en/intra/henkiloston-kehittaminen/tyoterveyshuolto2