Local Busses

A single ticket in the local busses in Joensuu/Kuopio/Savonlinna costs around €3.30. In Kuopio, the fare is more expensive on Sundays and at night time (€4.40). You can save some money by buying a bus card that suits your needs. If you need to take the bus daily, it is worth buying a monthly card with unlimited number of journeys. However, if you take the bus occasionally, a 10/ 20/ 40-fare bus card might be a better option for you. To buy the bus cards you need to buy a personal bus card , which you can then load with a monthly pass or certain amount of fares.

A few tips:

  • To make sure that the bus stops at the bus stop, please wave your hand to indicate the driver that you want to hop on
  • Timetables at the bus stops tell you when your bus leaves from the starting point of the route, not when it reaches the bus stop where you are standing


Tickets and fares:
Single tickets and bus cards: http://www.joensuu.fi/liput-ja-hinnoittelu

Where to buy:
Bus cards and various types of tickets, also reloads, can be bought from Lehtosen Liikenne busses or office. Please be ready to prove your identity and domicile when buying the ticket.

Timetables and journey planner are available at Carelicum and in the Internet (in Finnish):



Tickets and fares:
Single tickets and bus cards: http://joukkoliikenne.kuopio.fi/ticket-types-and-fares

Where to buy:
You can buy the bus card (Kuopion Liikenne) at the Info sales point in Sokos department store (Haapaniemenkatu 24-26, 1st floor).




Single tickets and bus cards:

  • Single ticket: € 3.30
  • Monthly bus card, 60 € (valid for one year after purchase)
  • 44-fare bus fare 140 € (valid for one year after purchase)

Timetable and journey planner