Health Care

Health care system in Finland consists of public, occupational and private health care. Please click on the links on the left to read more on each topic

Unfortunately the services of the Finnish Student Health Services (FSHS) are not available for PhD students. Health services provided by the FSHS are targeted for students pursuing a Bachelor's or Master´s degree.

Am I eligible for health care services in Finland?


Public Health care

Public healthcare is the responsibility of the municipalities. Health services are provdided by the municipal heallth services (terveysasema/terveyskeskus) and district hospitals (sairaalat). Services are available to all permanent residents in Finland and in some cases for employees working in Finland for a short time.

Public healthcare in Finland is not free but the fees are affordable because medical care costs are generally paid by the patient's home municipality.

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Occupational Health Care

Occupational health services are available for those UEF staff members who work at least 14 hours weekly and whose salary is paid by the University of Eastern Finland. Occupational health services are not available for those who work on a grant, hourly paid teachers and fee recipients.

Occupational health care may be consulted on all kinds of illnesses affecting employees ability to work. Occupational health services are available on working days from Monday to Friday at 8:00–18:00 (8 am to 6 pm), not on weekends

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Private health care

You can also contact a private medical centre when you fall ill. Private healthcare generally is more expensive than municipal health services but it has the advantage of shorter waiting times.

If you need medical care and you are not a permanent resident and do not have a municipality of residence in Finland, please contact a private medical center.

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