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Antiepileptic drugs linked to accumulation of hospital days in persons with Alzheimer’s disease

People with Alzheimer’s disease who used antiepileptic drugs had a higher number of accumulated hospital days than people with Alzheimer’s disease who did not use antiepileptics, according to a new study from the University of Eastern Finland. The results were published in the Journal of American...

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  • Doctoral Conferment Ceremonies
    The Doctoral Conferment Ceremony is a way for the University of Eastern Finland to show its appreciation for persons who have completed a doctoral degree. The next Doctoral Conferment Ceremonies of the University of Eastern Finland will be held at the Joensuu campus on 6-8 June, 2019, and at the Kuopio campus on 4-6 June, 2020. Why doctorate holders should participate in a doctoral conferment ceremony - watch the video!

  • New insight into translocal childhoods and family mobility
    Securing a better future for children motivates family mobility in North and East Europe. A new book on translocal childhoods and family mobility looks at the phenomenon from a variety of perspectives. Click to learn more!

  • People on the move are blogging!
    Don't miss out on our On the Move blog! The blog features posts by our students, teachers and other staff memebers who are taking part in a mobility scheme.

  • UEF logo wear now available online
    UEF logo textiles are available online at R-Collection web store. Check the selection and place an order!