City of Kuopio

There is a lot more to Kuopio than Kalakukko, a pastry enjoying the Traditional Specialty Guaranteed status. The city is known for the Puijo Tower, a lively market square and the Kuopio Dance Festival.

With its 105,000 inhabitants, Kuopio is the largest city in eastern Finland and the eighth largest city in the country.

Kuopio is a dynamic city surrounded by beautiful nature. Although modern and constantly evolving, it hasn't forgotten its roots. Boasting an excellent selection of services combined with a cosy atmosphere, Kuopio is an attractive place to live in. The city's numerous running paths, skiing tracks, slalom slopes and swimming station offer possibilities for a diverse selection of hobbies.

For those hungry for culture, Kuopio has a lot to offer. The Kuopio Wine Festival, the Kuopio RockCock festival and the Kuopio Dance Festival provide something for all tastes, and the city's vast selection of museums, theatres and concerts is a thing worth remembering, too.


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