Effects of Climate Change on Vegetation in Northern Ecosystems

Time: 12-23 August 2019

Campus: Joensuu

Daily programme

Duration and credits: two weeks, 5 ECTS
Teaching language: English
Level: Master, Doctoral
Course coordinator: Frank Berninger, frank.berninger@uef.fi
Responsible department: Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Learning outcomes:
The aim of the summer school is: (1) to obtain a good overview of the possible effects of
climate change on Northern Ecosystems. (2) To acquire experimental & data analysis
methods to analyse the effects of climate change. Analysis of the impacts of climate
change will focus on drought effects. (3) Improve presentation, writing, group working and
statistical analysis skills of participants


The course contains three different themes:
(1) Nature of climate change: Climate change prediction, Assession of climate change
data from databases, problems of climate prediction models.
(2) Climate Change effects on northern Ecosystems (phenology, effects of temperature
increases, effects of drought, effects on carbon balance) (lectures+ 1 exercise)
(3) Measuring the impact of drought on ecosystem processes (3 parallel groups) (i) Effects
of the 2010 and 2018 drought on ecosystem processes using tree rings and remote
sensing( ii) effects of drought on trees (spectral responses, photosynthesis etc.) (iii) effects
on soil processes (soil respiration) (Group work)
(4) Societal implications of climate change in forestry and agriculture (lectures)
Modes of study:
Lectures (40%), Group Work (40%) other exercises and demonstrations of methods (20%)
Study materials:
The course will be based on a collection of peer-reviewed publications.
Frank Berninger, Elina Oksanen,Sari Kontunen Soppela, Teemu Tahvanainen,Jukka
Pumpanen, Matti Keinänen, Christina Biasi (UEF)
Anatoly Prokushkin (Siberian Federal University)
Ram Oren, Sari Palmroth (Duke University)