UEF Summer School Courses 2020

UEF Summer School runs between 10-21 August 2020 (two weeks) at Joensuu campus. All the courses offered are credit-bearing and typically carry 5 ECTS/course. There are also some courses that run only one week, and carry 2-3 ECTS. The courses are aimed at Master’s level students in particular, but also Bachelor level students are welcome if they have a suitable background. UEF departments/schools make the decision of acceptance/suitable background. The language of instruction is English. Students completing a course will be issued an official transcript and a certificate of attendance.

When selecting the course, please pay attention to the campus, and the extent of the course (one or two weeks). Some courses carry 2-3 ECTS for one week and with extra work (essays, projects etc.) before or after the intensive week, the amount of ECTS credits can be increased up to 4-5 ECTS. Pay also attention to the possible prerequisites given in the course descriptions.

Courses 2020:

Philosophical Faculty

Faculty of Science and Forestry

Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies

Language Centre