Conference English

Dates: 14-25 August 2017
Credits: 5 ECTS
Teaching language: English
Level: Master, Doctoral
Max. number of attendees: 27 students (12 Master, 15 Doctoral)

Coordinator: gerald.netto(at)
Responsible department: Language Centre
Learning outcomes: In this advanced oral communication course, students learn and practise effective presentation and discussion skills in the context of their discipline.  The focus is on how to help listeners better understand what you are saying. Students learn how to organize information effectively and how to give oral presentations. Students study elements of effective oral communication.

Participants will become familiar with conference practices and phraseology. They will learn to prepare a set of slides, discuss their first version with others and edit it. They will analyze, prepare, and receive, feedback on their first version, and finally give a PowerPoint/Prezi presentation at a ‘conference’ organized by participants at the end of the course. They will learn how to ask and answer questions on the basis of conference papers during post-presentation discussions.


Conference presentations are videoed and discussed together in the feedback sessions. The participants will also practise how to chair paper sessions and introduce speakers. Students are responsible for presenting information, either individually or as members of a small panel team, then opening up the floor for group interaction and guiding discussion. Audience members play a reciprocal listener/speaker role by paraphrasing points made, asking for clarification, offering their own viewpoints and raising related issues.
Modes of Study: Participation in teaching and completion of course assignments. Teaching methods used (e.g. lectures, tutorials, oral and written pair and group exercises, self-study/independent learning tasks). Students have opportunities for individual meetings with the instructor to review slides and presentations. Minimum attendance requirement in contact teaching: 80%. Some of the teaching can be arranged to suit the teacher and the group.
Evaluation criteria: Continuous assessment, Pass/Fail

Teacher: Gerald Netto