Advanced English Academic and Professional Communication (AEAPC)

Campus Kuopio

Duration and credits: two weeks, 5 ECTS
Teaching Language: English
Level: Master
Max. number of attendees:
Course coordinator: Lauri Tolkki,
Responsible departments: Language Centre
Learning outcomes:


Aims of this course are to practice and develop writing skills and presentation skills in English in the context of each student’s own academic field of study.
Modes of study: Activities will consist of daily classroom meetings with information about academic style, academic writing and academic presentations. There will be lectures, discussions, pair and group work, writ-ten exercises and assignments, and oral tasks, including an academic presentation delivered on campus (ei-ther in Joensuu or in Kuopio). Much of the development takes place through collaborative learning, reflec-tion, feedback and commentary.
Study materials: will be provided by the lecturer in class and on Moodle.
Evaluation criteria: To pass the course, students are required to:

  1. Participate actively in the classes, discussions and activities
  2. Complete all assignments with passing grades, according to the set deadlines, and displaying a satis-factory overall level of knowledge of academic English

Students are required to attend at least 80% of the contact hours.
Teacher: Dr. Satu Tuomainen, Senior Lecturer in English, UEF Kuopio Language Centre