Advanced Course on Environmental Data-Mining (ADM)

Campus Kuopio

Dates: 14-25 August 2017
Credits: 5 ECTS
Teaching language: English
Level: Master, Doctoral
Max. number of attendees: 17 students

Coordinator: Mikko Kolehmainen, mikko.kolehmainen(at)
Responsible department: Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Learning outcomes: To learn the basic concepts of classification and time-series modeling and the use of the modeling methods needed.


Basic concepts of time-series modeling and classification, pre-processing and visualizing the time-series, classification, evaluating the performance of the model, traditional methods for time-series modeling and pattern recognition, neural network models: LVQ, MLP, SVM, some special topics

Teachers: Mikko Kolehmainen, Harri Niska